sunsetdreamer2 asked:
"I'm so glad you're back :)"

Thanks!! :D 

kaijuborn asked:
"This blog is kind of amazing, but you haven't updated it in a really long time! Have you abandoned it?"

Nooo I haven’t and will never abandon this blog. But ugh yeah, yeah I know I haven’t posted stuff in, like, forever. (There is such a thing as “too much Tumblr”, that I can tell you lol) BUT!!!! I’m giffing scenes now so I’m gonna post them today yay haha :P Also, I need people to co-run this blog! Seriously. Recommend me some blogs who can help? Or if you’re interested in running it with me? Send me a message? Please? Preferably those who can gif and edit and who post their own stuff?? :D

rolandbaldwin asked:
"I think The Carrie Diaries is going to contradict what was established in the episode "A Vogue Idea" where Carrie says her father left her and her mother when she was a child. This is why I refuse to watch it. Also it looks terrible from the footage"

LOL yeah Carrie said her father left them when she was 5 and didn’t mention anything about her mother being dead. Is that how it is written in the Carrie Diaries books, too? idk maybe they’re gonna explore on that more when the series begins? And as I’ve said, yeah, not expecting too much from it.

Anonymous asked:
"How do you feel about the Carrie Diaries?"

I’m not expecting too much from it tbh. I think it’s not making that much buzz tho and of course there’s the fact that it will be compared to SATC. But I guess one thing that lacked in ‘Sex’ was Carrie’s back story, I think that’s one of the things they want to achieve with the show so yeah, hoping it’s gonna somehow fill us up on that (if and when I decide to watch the whole series tho lolz). But I’m gonna try and watch the season premiere on the 14th and we’ll see. (:

Anonymous asked:
"Don't ever delete this tumblr!"

I won’t! This blog just took, let’s say, a short break hah! But thank you, I appreciate the message (: